Air Conditioning Repair
Do you need an air conditioner repair?
Is your air conditioner noisy, dripping or doing a bad job at keeping you cool? Then you need to call Gecko Air Conditioning, the experts in air conditioner repairs. Bill Lauenstein has 40 plus years with a wealth of experience in all types and brands of air conditioners. No matter whether it is a split system or ducted; Mitsubishi or Daikin, I can repair them all.

·       LG Air Conditioner Repairs
·       Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Panasonic Air Conditioner Repairs
·       Samsung Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Sanyo Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Sharp Air Conditioning Repairs
·       TECO Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Temperzone Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Toshiba Air Conditioner Repairs
·       Westinghouse Air Conditioner Repairs

·       problems with air conditioner drains
·       noisy air conditioners
·       replacement of rusted brackets
·       replacement of air con valves
·       replacement of air con compressors
·       replacement of circuit boards

Air Conditioning repair

·       Actron Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Advantage Air Repairs
·       Airwell Air Conditioner Repairs
·       Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Daikin Air Conditioner Repairs
·       Electrolux Air Conditioners Repairs
·       Email Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Fujitsu Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Haier Air Conditioners Repairs
·       Hitachi Air Conditioning Repairs
·       Kelvinator Air Conditioner Repairs

·       regas of air conditioning systems
·       moving of air conditioners to new locations or during home renovations
·       repair of ductwork
·       reconfiguration of ductwork
·       replacement of fans

Air Conditioning Repair

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Maintenance on all brands of  domestic air conditioners