Domestic or Home Air Conditioning is essential to comfort, there is no difference in system design between home and business, the only difference is in business Air Conditioning operates 5 to 7 days a week for 10 hours a day, so business Air Conditioning required more regular maintenance or servicing.

Home Air Conditioning will only require maintenance or servicing every 12 - 24 months.

Things you can do

Return Air Filter: remove every 3 months and clean using a hose

Gecko Air Conditioning provides air conditioner air conditioning repairs servicing cleaning in Brisbane. Gold Coast. Ipswich.

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  • ducted split systems
  • wall mounted split systems
  • floor mounted split systems
  • central plant
  • ​in wall air conditioners

​Things to check before placing a air conditioning service call:

  • have you cleaned the indoor unit return air filter
  • have you replaced the remote control batteries
  • have you selected cooling and set below 21 degrees
  • have you checked the circuit breaker, is it on?
  • have you checked the outdoor unit wall isolation switch, is it on?
  • make sure that you are not storing anything beside, below, on-top or in-front of the outdoor unit.

Things to advise when placing a service call

  • make and model number
  • any flashing led's or fault codes

Maintenance on all brands of  domestic air conditioners